Summer day trip essentials


Camping or weekends and holidays spent at the lakehouse might not be enough to decompress and enjoy the summer with big trips put on hold. Neither may be quick getaways close to home. Stealing away a whole day every so often to unplug can be an antidote to the rest we really crave.

The health benefits from stepping away from work and technology for even a day are many. Take advantage of the great weather–hiking trips, picnics or beach days are a perfect way to switch off and have a short break away from responsibility!


The places to move around without a mask these days are few. Make sure that you bring a non-medical face mask with you in your bag alongside your sunscreen or wear it while you’re out with your hat and sunglasses.

Even outdoors with popular hiking trails and crowded beaches and parks, don’t let your mask put a hamper on your day! Our silk non-medical face mask allows for breathability, especially important while doing anything active or while in hotter temperatures. The adjustable elastics allow for a fuss-free fit!

Stay fresh

Getting a little sweaty while you’re having fun? No big deal! Pack an extra outfit when you’re done and freshen up with some micellar cleanser and a fresh application of sunscreen.

If you’re not bringing another outfit, wear breathable clothing such as silk, linen and quick-dry clothing. If you’re determined to pack light, a small microfibre towel to mop excess sweat and bring some dry shampoo and a mini hair brush will keep you fresh.

A few spritzes of our make me last dry shampoo will eliminate odor, sweat and grease–and it comes in a travel-size, to boot! Eliminating all evidence of a sweaty day out, but leaving the nice glow!

Want to go for a midday dip in the lake? Our brush can get rid of tangles on wet or dry hair!


What would a trip be without some sustenance? Prioritize the snacks that are easy to carry, light and nutritious! Oranges, peaches and grapes are great snacks to keep you energized and easy to carry back with you–or to the nearest trash can 

Enjoy watermelons without the weight. Cut them into bite-sized portions and pack a bit of ice into an insulated pack instead of toting the giant cooler. Nuts, seeds, granola and bliss balls are also lightweight snacks that'll keep you full without weighing you down.

Pack small sandwiches or meals into reusable silicone bags or packable containers.


Save the bulk of your pack for water. Lots of water.

A few tablets of electrolyte tablets will hydrate and energize you after a day of trail running or hiking. Not a fan of water? Bring a small bottle of water flavouring to stay hydrated!




Enjoy the time offline by yourself or with your company without the guilt! Leave the laptop or tablet at home and put your phone on airplane mode–or mute, at least!

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Today was great and the Lunata was such a great addition to my kit!! It was the perfect size and the zero cord was the best!!

— Clariss Rubenstein, Celebrity Stylist