Look forward to local getaways

Think a summer vacation is out the window? Not necessarily! Staycations can be safe and a great way to squeeze in a quick break on the cheap.

Trips to the lake or to a neighbouring city are great ways to get away. Before you go, check our essentials list while you pack!


1.       A swimsuit or two

A lake getaway would be ruined if you forgot the most important thing: the swimsuit. Pack a few options so you’re not without!

2.       Accessories to make your outfit pop

Think you don’t need styling tools for an active vacation? Think again. 

If you’re spending most of the time at your lake house rather than the lake, our cordless curling wand or cordless hair straightener can make the trip with you to the great outdoors. And our jet setter kit even includes our flat iron and a few alligator clips for easier styling!

Want to keep it very simple? For very active holidays, bring our dry shampoo and mini wet/dry brush or wet/dry brush.

And if you plan to take a few selfies, make sure you’ve got cut accessories to make those selfies pop. Sunglasses, hats and lightweight scarves can act as sun protection and be a stylish touch.

3. Sun protection

Bring enough sunscreen to last you and your family. Reapply often!

4. Entertainment

Bring a few games to play or a book to read for the times you’re not having fun on the water.

Don’t forget the floaties, your paddle board and pool noodles!

5. Safety gear 

Don’t forget a basic first aid kit, PFDs and all the bug spray!


1. Portable chargers

If your city break isn’t going to give you many breaks, opt to charge your battery packs.

2. Mask up

In case physical distancing is impossible, our silk face mask is a must! The material makes it breathable, perfect for higher temperatures, and the inner pocket allows for a filter for added protection.

3. Cordless hair tools

For weekends or day trips, leave the house early to take advantage of all the time away. Take advantage of being the backseat driver and get ready in the car.

Our cordless flat iron and cordless convertible curling wand are lightweight and portable enough to stash in a tote bag. Both have an included silicone cover or, for added protection, be put into our hot tool case.

There’s even enough space to stash a hairspray and mini brush!

Charge your tools the night before and ditch the cord, or bring it if you’re going way for longer than the weekend. Both appliances charge within three hours!

4. A fancy outfit for a nice night out

Pack some nice shoes and a great dress for a nice dinner outside. Or opt for separates to stretch your wardrobe.

For added versatility use the cordless flat iron or convertible curling iron/wand to create some drama and personality. Add in some statement earrings or a necklace for a great look that doesn’t take much room!

5. Snacks

Because you should never travel while hungry! Bring provisions!

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Today was great and the Lunata was such a great addition to my kit!! It was the perfect size and the zero cord was the best!!

— Clariss Rubenstein, Celebrity Stylist