Hairstyles for life post-lockdown

If you’ve spent most of quarantine with a low-key routine, it might be hard to jump back into your pre-lockdown grooming regimen right away.

Transition back with some baby steps and use the following scenarios to ease out of lockdown life.

Backyard BBQs

Who knew we would rejoice and look at backyard barbecues in a different light? Dress up for the occasion–even if you’re just headed out to your patio. 

For selfies, go fresh-faced or amp up your look and play up your eyes. You can whip the lipstick out for pictures!

Summer hairstyles will keep your hair out of your face and sweat free. Pair casual basics with low-key hair styles to complete the look. Try using the cordless curling wand to either wear hair loose in tight ringlets. The 1” titanium barrel can make anything from waves to tighter curls and, if you have long or thick hair, the titanium barrel can make styling hair a breeze.

Tie hair up out of the way or clip front pieces away from the face with a barrette or hair claw.

Small dinner parties

The straight barrel of our cordless curling wand will create effortlessly consistent curls and waves. A step up from the backyard barbecue, up your game with a chic curled bun. It’s casually chic and keeps hair out of your way and out of your plate.

Brush hair with our paddle brush to get rid of tangles before styling. Use the curling wand to get the texture you desire before leaving your hair to cool.

Brush out some pieces with the paddle brush to create a more casual look or leave curls intact and finish with hairspray.

Movie theatre 

Leaning back on a chair isn’t going to be fun with a low bun. Opt for an artfully messy top knot instead!

Use the cordless curling wand to create messy curls on the day or, if you prefer lived in curls, curl your hair the day before. The wand creates curls that last for a day or two. Touch up before you style while needed.

Pile hair high on the head and fasten, leaving bangs and a few pieces to frame your face.

Add a fun scrunchie for a fun extra!


Picnics are a perfect choice to get out and escape your homes while safely socializing with friends and family. For a low-key look, create loose curls with our cordless curling wand.

Ease into a new relationship with an offline date. Pair an easy dress with a romantic half up-half down do.

Use the detangling mini to brush out knots and tangles before styling your hair with the curling wand.

Set aside the hair framing either side of your face. Curl the remaining hair, focusing on the bottom two-thirds of your hair and leave them to cool.

Focus on the sections you’ve set aside. Take one side and separate it into two pieces and twist. Tie it loosely before moving on and repeat on the remaining section.

Tie both together at the back with an elastic. Add a hair clip for an optional flourish!

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Today was great and the Lunata was such a great addition to my kit!! It was the perfect size and the zero cord was the best!!

— Clariss Rubenstein, Celebrity Stylist