Online Dating in the Isolation Age

The past few months haven’t been kind to singles in lockdown. If your journey to new love was derailed because of quarantine, there are options for you to still find love while staying safe!


1. Get out there!


Bars aren’t the only place where you can find people. Outside of the apps, try virtual speed dating events–yes, they do exist! Events and Adventures holds events in multiple cities and there are likely similar events held in your town. Keep an eye out for those–they sell out quick!


2. Have a great Zoom date.


Take advantage of online video dating: it’s a great way to pass a few hours while meeting a bunch of potential suitors. As romantic as it is, Zoom helps make your dating life more efficient, more bountiful and saves you a lot of money.


If you’re having trouble switching gears from work to dating, here’s a quick formula for an awesome Zoom date!


Keep things short and sweet


Traditional dates can last for a few hours, but since no one is going anywhere–commuting, a venue–feel free to keep Zoom dates under an hour!


Dress up


Make the effort for your date–even if it’s been a long day. There’s no excuse to skip it when you haven’t left the house.


Feel free to be casual on Zoom dates: dress comfortably, but make sure to iron your top first! Our cordless curling wand can heat up quickly so you can get ready for a date after work and make short work of styling your hair.


Pair with our paddle brush to create casual, brushed out curls or waves!


Keep things light


It can be jumping the gun having someone into your space–even virtually. To have dates that don’t feel super intrusive, choose a bland backdrop like a bare wall or in front of a tapestry or hung scarf or rug.


Or take advantage of all the Zoom backgrounds! Switch it up to something fun and personal–like these cute Studio Ghibli backgrounds–to serve as a cool date topic, switch to date mode and hide any household clutter.


When you feel comfortable, drop the walls–and wallpaper–and show something a little more personal like your pet, shelves of niche books or your plant family!


Have some fun in the kitchen


Activities are a great way to break the ice on an awkward first meeting. Cooking dinner together–while apart–could be a great way to spend the time! Great date ideas could be to cook your favourite meals, cook the same meals together or create your date’s favourite meal. Not into cooking? Try these quarantine zoom date ideas on your next dates and win major creativity points!


3. Get back on the horse.


Sometimes digital dating can suck. It can be even more insulting to get ghosted at home, let alone being zumped. Take some time to lick your wounds, revamp your profile on your favourite apps and start again!


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