Keeping Love Alive in Quarantine

Being partnered during a pandemic is good and bad. Singles might be envious of having a partner in a time or social isolation, but couples have it rough too!


Stay-at-home measures have made us spend a lot of time with our partners–unintentionally.


If you’re looking how to keep the spark alive without stepping on each others toes, read on below!


Love at a distance

Long-distance love can be work. Add in lockdown restrictions and the difficulty in keeping the spark alive in a long-distance relationship can ratchet up several notches.


To prevent Zoom burnout, alternate with phone calls and video messages. When you find yourself virtually face-to-face with your SO, dress up! Our cordless convertible curling wand or cordless straightening iron allows you to freshen up for video calls without a ton of effort. Throw on a nice top and refresh your makeup and be ready for your date in under half an hour!


Keep dates interesting: have a movie night, quiz or game night!


For socially distant dates outdoors, try active dates such as biking or rollerblading. Pair our cordless hair straightener with half-dos or ponytails to keep hair–and your hands–off your face!


Romance in close quarters

What do you do if you and your partner live and work at home? Whether you’ve lived with your partner for a long time or the living arrangement is still new, lockdown has been a challenge.


So, how do you keep the love alive with someone you can’t escape from?



If you’re both working and living at home, communicate your needs. Tell your partner when you’d like to have more quality time or when you need space and alone time.


Make evenings precious


It can be easy to just pass out on the couch, load Netflix and call it a day. Enough days like that and your relationship can turn into a roommate situation.


Make evenings a time that you can connect with your partner–ideally with a few tech-free evenings in the mix.


Have an intimate candlelit dinner or a cozy dinner on your porch. If that’s not your thing, create the meal together!


Getting ready for date night doesn’t have to take too much time! Our cordless flat iron or cordless curling wand can create romantic loose curls or waves that can be incorporated in braided half-dos, buns or ponytails.


A bonus to cordless? You and your SO don’t have to fight for bathroom time! 


Go on “dates”

Spending time together can take some creativity if you’re still cooped at home. If you have access to a green space, have a picnic! If you can’t go outside, try improvising indoors!


If you can venture outside, spend time outdoors! Explore a park, go hiking or do something active. Or go out for a stroll–around your neighbourhood, sunbathe in a park or enjoy the lake!


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