Can too much hair be a problem? Maybe–if you speak to someone with thick hair.




Thick hair is the sheer abundance of hair — literally, a fuller head of hair. You might think you have thick hair, but it might just be coarse hair. If the individual strands of your hair are quite wide, you have coarse–not thick–hair.

If you have thick individual strands as well as a lot of hair, you’ve got coarse, thick hair. Having thick, fine hair is also possible. As we learned a few weeks back, fine hair is the opposite of coarse hair.

Aging takes a toll on thick hair. Some of the follicles may stop new hair growth, which may lead to thinning hair down the line.

Thick hair has its unique sense of challenges. It can take forever to dry, take longer to style, and it can be a daily fight to get tangles out of your hair. But it can be managed!




Go for a thick hair-friendly hairstyle

hair with layers

Make sure you’re working with a good foundation. Head to your stylist and get a style you love. If you’re concerned about bulk, consider getting an undercut or take the weight off. Consider a style that is versatile and easy to maintain, whatever your length.

Consider giving your movement with layers if an undercut is too drastic.

Make sure your hairstyle works with your individual texture–curls or waves–and not against it.

Gather your supplies

flat iron

Clips, a detangling comb or brushand your favorite hair tools or accessories are the way to go! Using clips might not save any time styling your hair, but–together with a good detangling comb–they will make the process less stressful.

Investing in a good hairdryer may be necessary. Air drying isn’t always a viable option, especially if you’re not living in a tropical environment. Have a reliable hair dryer on hand if you’ve got thick hair and a brutal winter in your neck of the woods.

Grab your favorite heat tool and make sure you have something to set your style–your favorite hairspray, pomade, or lightweight gel.

And don’t forget the accessories to secure your style! Have a small army of bobby pins, hairpins, hair ties, and hair combs. A nice headband or scarf will also work to corral unruly strands.


bun hairstyle

Start with a heat protecting spray and section your hair off with clips. Working with sectioned pieces will make styling–especially curling hair–a less frustrating process.

If you're running short on time–or patience–try a half do. Pin some strands from your temples back, leaving the rest of your hair loose. Straighten or curl the loose sections to your liking and get on with your day!

The options for a half-do are only limited to your imagination. A bun or half pony work just as well!

For a work-appropriate style, try a half-French twist!

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Today was great and the Lunata was such a great addition to my kit!! It was the perfect size and the zero cord was the best!!

— Clariss Rubenstein, Celebrity Stylist