How to find your perfect hairstylist

When was the last time you left a salon in tears? Hopefully never. But if you've landed on this, it's likely to have happened–and recently.

Whether it's because you or your hairstylist are moving, one too many miscommunications, or one too many blunders–finding a good hairstylist can be challenging.

With these tips, may your search for a new hairdresser not be the hair-raising experience you fear it'll be!


how to find the perfect hairstylist

Ask around

If you're new to town, ask your colleagues or new friends who they would recommend for a hairstylist. Provided they have hair you want to copy! Even if you're not new, reach out to stylish strangers or put out feelers into your community.

Hopefully, the recommendations will stream through!


check Instagram for hairstylist recommendations

Check Instagram

Like most things–dates, jobs, places to eat–hit up Instagram when investigating a new stylist. It's a great way to see their portfolio and to see what type of styles they gravitate to or aesthetic they favor.

Scroll through not just the photos, but comments to see client feedback. Instagram is also great to get in touch with a stylist to check availability and if they're taking on new clients.

Time to slide into those DMs!


check hairstylist reviews

Check reviews

Now that you're armed with a recommendation list, it’s time to narrow down the selection. Check out their website, Yelp, and other reviews from previous and present clients.

Try to go out of your way to find critical reviews. Not just to see how their experience went, but if the salon or stylist responded. It can give you a clue on how the service will be, especially in trying situations.


best hairstylists in Toronto

Are they your type?

As much as you love a stylist's work, take a good hard look to see if they do what you envision. Maybe they only do pixie cuts when you're looking for a retro shag! Don't take a chance!

Similarly, if you need someone who cuts curly hair–don’t go to someone who never has a curly-haired client!


best hairstylist near me

Reach out

If it's more than a cut, see if you can get a quote or a quick consultation.


 how to talk to your hairstylist

Be honest

Unlike first dates where it pays to have a bit of mystery, be honest with your hair history. Tell them if you've come in for some color correction–and a play-by-play of how it happened.

Be honest about what you want before anything happens. And make sure you're in agreement on what you want!


hairstylist hair cut

Do a test run

Save big jobs like a drastic cut or a dramatic color for later on in your relationship. Try a small job like a style that you can live with if it's not up to you take in your experience.


wedding hairstylists

Be smart

Last but not least, an obvious point: do not start looking around for a hairdresser right before big events. This means not right before your wedding, big interview, or anticipated holidays.

Happy stylist searching!

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