How to make friends–and selfies–at university

Making university friends online is usually one of many ways to make friends. 


It’s difficult if it’s the only way of making friends. 


But a strong online presence–and strong selfie game–can be the keys to making those connections. Read on below for some selfie–and social–tips!


Leverage social media


Join course-specific or university-specific Messenger chats or Facebook groups and become an active member. 


Put your best face forward with a new profile photo. Shallow, maybe, but a new selfie may boost your confidence and mark a new chapter!


Tousled waves from our cordless curling wand, a great backdrop and great lighting are key to a great selfie!


If wavy hair isn’t your thing, our cordless curling wand is a versatile tool. It can create spiral curls to the trendy curly shag!


Create a selfie for your interests


Looking for friends? Look no further than your phone! Bumble BFF is a great way to find friends that you click with. Upload six photos to get started on your profile.


Selfies are so important. Not excited about the selfies the app chose for you? With our paddle brush and cordless curling wand, you can create story-specific selfies to find your next workout buddy, study partner or book club buddy. Use props, clothes, backgrounds and your hair and makeup to create a photo.


Looking for a workout buddy? Try pulling back hair with our paddle brush and going for an active hairstyle such as braids that won’t budge or a classic high ponytail with some textured waves. To create the ponytail, detangle hair with our paddle brush and curl hair with the cordless curling wand before tying it up. Pair this look with an outside active background such as an outdoor pool, park or tennis court!


Need a study buddy? A hairstyle that won’t dig at your scalp after a few hours is key. Create a relaxed curly updo with our cordless curling wand and paddle brush. Create spiral curls with the cordless curling wand’s 1” titanium barrel. Let curls cool before putting hair in a topknot or series of low mini buns. Take a photo with a book in hand or in front of your study space. The backdrop can also work if you’re looking for a bookworm buddy!


Get to know your cohort


With small classes, it’s a lot easier to get to know people and cohorts can function like built-in friends. 


If your lectures or tutorials are held in small groups over Zoom, make a good first impression. These don’t have to take a lot of effort. Simple styles can look great without a major time investment!


Our cordless curling wand can help you create styles for class and friendly hangouts.


Create a video-friendly look by pulling hair back with the paddle brush and create an off the shoulder braid. If you have shorter pieces closer to your face that can’t make it into the braid, curl sections with our cordless curling wand for more visual interest!

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