How to style bangs, flyaways and baby hairs

Baby hairs, flyaways and bangs can be the worst! They can be like enemies in a video game boss: difficult to beat with uncannily bad timing, like eating time out of a busy morning. 

Game the system and take the stress out of hair styling with a few tried and true tricks!

Level 1: Comb your hair into submission with the mini brush

The mini brush is a great accessory for your tote, your work desk and works great at home for smaller areas like your forehead. Pair it with this volumizing dry shampoo to boost volume and freshen your bangs!

If you’re dealing with wayward bangs, try combing bangs in both directions first before combing it into place.

If combing them dry doesn’t work, try spritzing with some water to moisten strands and use the steps above to see if that helps. If you’re home, use your hairdryer to dry bangs ASAP!

If you’re constantly dealing with flyaways, try a wet/dry brush and brush from ends to your roots.

Level 2: Style with some assistance

Pair the mini brush with a cordless flat iron to flatten out kinks and pin it back.

If bangs are looking flat and heading into your eyes–try lifting them at the root first with your cordless hair straightener to lift and boost volume. Our cordless flat iron can also be used to create perfect blunt bangs and polished side-swept bangs.

Level 3: Deal with bangs, baby hairs and flyaways with hair spray

Still need more help? Try pairing the flat iron with hair spray! If you want to keep hairstyles in check, this travel-sized hair spray will keep a style in place for hours.

If you’re dealing with with flyaways on the go, bring a mini hair spray with you and spray some into your hands. Give it a pass through flyaways for a quick solution. This also works for keeping pesky baby hairs in position!

Level 4: Disguise with hairstyles and hair accessories

For less intense cases, try a handful of pins and artful hairstyles to tie them back and out of the way.

Or bring them to attention with a nice hair pin or incorporate them into your hairstyling.

Level 5: Trim them back

A DIY trim can stoke some trepidation, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

There are a wealth of videos out there that can take you through a trim step-by-step. What they don’t tell you is that it’s not just skill, it’s the tools. Combs and clips are included to make sure that you’re not cutting anything that doesn’t need to be cut. And two pairs of shears from our hair-cutting kit help you cut your bangs and thin them out if you find your bangs are overpowering.

The hair-cutting kit can help you create bangs you love–or at least don’t hate–to tide yourself over while you wait for salons to reopen.

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Today was great and the Lunata was such a great addition to my kit!! It was the perfect size and the zero cord was the best!!

— Clariss Rubenstein, Celebrity Stylist