Mother’s Day ideas in quarantine

Celebrating special days while in quarantine can be difficult and anticlimactic. Bring back the human touch this Mother’s Day with a few ideas to celebrate, while staying safe!




Have brunch at home


Do you typically go out for Mother’s Day? Try an at-home brunch!


Make it a family event with everyone pitching in to create your Mother’s Day meal. Not up to creating a meal from scratch? Support a local business by ordering in!


Enjoy a relaxed Sunday at home and–if the weather is nice and you’re allowed–end the brunch with a nice walk around the block.


Spend quality time with your family


If you’re not one for breakfast in bed, spend quality time with your kids by getting ready with them. Curl your daughter’s hair and yours with the cordless hair straightener or cordless curling wand. Play dress-up with them and, if you’re brave, hand over control to them if they want to make you over.


Even things like brushing each other’s hair can be a great bonding activity and can be done every day! Just use a brush with a lot of flexibility and gentle bristles, if you want to avoid some tears and tantrums!


Staying with extended family? Make primping a family affair! Even if you’re not going anywhere, it can be a nice change of pace to dress up while at home!


Do a drive-by celebration


If you live close to a few of the moms dear to your heart, consider waving and celebrating at a safe distance. It won’t be the same as a hug, but it’ll have to do for now!


Depending on where you live, go one step further than just driving past their home. Have a brief meeting–with at least 2 meters and a window between you!


Virtual Mother’s Day celebrations


Get together on FaceTime


Spend some 1:1 time with your mom, grandma and the other special women in your life with a chat!


Say hello and thank you with a note, handwritten letter or voice note


If Zoom fatigue is getting to you, opt for low-tech options, like phone calls or voice notes, to send to your loved ones.

Handmade cards, collages and photos can be a great way to pass the time with your kids and an awesome keepsake for grandma to receive in the mail!


Host a virtual Mother’s Day meetup


Swap tales, tips and horror stories of navigating motherhood in these strange times while your partner or family watch the kids. It can help to gather and talk to other moms–your sisters, in-laws, friends, moms in your mommy group or in your area–to talk about the unique challenges you might be facing.


Send a care package


Send mom some of her favourite flowers, treats and a special gift for Mother’s Day. Our cordless flat iron or cordless curling iron are great gifts for the special woman in your life–and they’re on sale! Enjoy 40% off your order with the promo code MOTHERSDAY40!

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