Spring cleaning: beauty edition

Getting a little stir-crazy? We don’t blame you! While away a few hours during this extended stay at home with a home project!


Cleaning out your beauty collection can calm an anxious mind, calm a cluttered space and make self-care a more enjoyable practice you can indulge in often!




Much like a pantry clear out, excavate all the gunky old containers you’ve forgotten about. Rinse and dispose of your containers properly with your weekly collection or at a location when it’s safe to do so.


Take this time to declutter. Toss things that are funky and long expired. Ditto those things that gave you that scary allergic reaction.


Round up all those half-used tubs you’ve found lying around and make a plan to finish them! Not really digging a moisturizer? Get creative and repurpose it into a hand cream or body lotion.


Set aside a (small) maybe pile. Examine its contents to see how you can get more use out of those items. Are you only using a portion of a palette? Prise out the shades you love, stick some magnetic tape at the base and create your own Franken-palette!


Love something but just forgot about it? Find a home for it!




Once you’ve got your containers all in one place, it’s time to give the places they live a good clean. Wipe down surfaces, your shelves, shower caddy and the top of your tub–wherever your collection of toiletries were in.


Don’t forget mirrors, including the ones living in your purse!


If your storage system looked like a zoo beforehand, create homes for all your categories: hair, body, scent, skin, makeup. Give your tools a place to land atop surfaces or put it away in its own case.


Moving forward, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, try and stay within your limits!


Game the system and see how you could create better, optimized spaces for busy WFH days and for the days when life will go back to normal.




Clear brushes of hair, dirt and debris with soap and water.


For wood brushes and combs, pat dry and quickly follow up with a few drops of oil to condition the wood.


Wipe down your hairdryer and clear out any accumulated lint. For your other heat tools, care tips depend on the material. For titanium tools, like our cordless flat iron and cordless curling iron, clean the tools after they’ve fully cooled with a damp cloth. Get into a practice of cleaning your cordless curling wand and cordless hair straightener after each use.


Doing this after every use will eliminate product buildup, ensuring your style is as great as possible.


To deep clean any residue, try a spritz of rubbing alcohol and go over the barrel or plates with a cloth. Repeat the process until you clear the tool of any buildup and take care not to rub too hard!

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Today was great and the Lunata was such a great addition to my kit!! It was the perfect size and the zero cord was the best!!

— Clariss Rubenstein, Celebrity Stylist