How to Thrive With a Summer Vacation at Home

With summer vacation just around the corner, it’s time to think about what the next couple of months will look like. If you’re still catching your breath from the past few months, we’ve got a few tips for a smooth summer vacation!

Communicate with kids and your partner.           

This summer will look very different. Activities like summer camp to little things like day camp or visiting the beach will either be unavailable or look different.

Managing expectations is key for everyone. If you or your partner work from home, negotiating how to jointly care for kids while working is key. This could be everything from who’s in charge of lunch to which days you can make your partner the main person to go to during a workday.

Be prepared.

Beyond the summer activities, consider planning for a capsule summer wardrobe that can take you to work, to impromptu field trips, to chief kid entertainer. It pays to think about quick looks you can do in less than 10 or 20 minutes that make you feel good! Not just human. Any way for a boost of morale you will need a summer close to home.

Achieve extra credit and take polaroids of outfits–or selfies–and reference them when you’ve got a time-strapped morning. Think about supplies to keep you looking great like dry shampoo or quick styling options like our cordless curling wand or cordless hair straightener.

While having your hair tied up can be the easiest thing, it helps to have variety! For a casual day working from home–no Zoom–keep hair out of the way with a sideswept braid. To make this easier, separate the rest of your hair from the braided section with alligator clips. Leave the rest of your hair as is or use our cordless hair tools to create loose waves or full curls!

Plan some fun activities.

Bonus if they can keep your kids occupied and silent during conference calls! Take the time to order any puzzles, games or new toys now before they sell out. Or worse-take forever to get to your home.

Future you with a deadline to meet will thank you!

Have a vacation.

Schedule a real vacation. Go camping in a campground if you’re able. If that’s not possible, have an adventure in the yard or living room!

Don’t forget mini vacations like day trips and long weekends! Small vacations don’t have to be rustic. Our cordless curling wand or cordless hair straightener can be taken on little trips–just charge it first before you go! If you want to really want to go without the tools, don’t forget dry shampoo and a mini brush! Dry shampoo can be used to assist styling or style your hair solo, if showers are hard to come by!

Micro vacations like taking a personal day or a few hours to have a nap while your partner is taking a parenting shift should also not be forgotten!

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