Knot Today: A Hairbrush for Every Hair Type

Has this happened to you? You're faced with an array of brushes–hotel combs, mini brushes, barrels of all shapes–and know instinctively that they just won't do.

Unlike a partner, it’s unlikely to have just one perfect brush for all your needs. Read on for a quick roundup on common brushes to have at hand!

Need a tease? Try a rat tail comb

Tease or backcomb hair for volume with the rat tail comb. Use the tail of the comb for precise parts or section hair and clip with alligator clips before styling.  

Try a paddle brush for a go-to brush.

The large surface of a paddle brush makes brushing efficient and less of a chore. Our paddle brush is great to use on longer hair.

Find a paddle brush that is comfortable to grip and hold for a long period of time. Use a paddle brush to help separate and detangle strands before you style your hair. Pair it with alligator clips if you want to section hair. Give hair a pass with the brush before you style with our cordless curling wand.

If you want to tone down your curls and make it casual, pair the cordless curling wand with the paddle brush to create softened waves.

For straight and wavy hair types, a paddle brush works great if you want to wear your hair’s natural texture. Use this type of brush for smooth and shiny hair. 

On the go? Tote a mini!

A mini brush is perfect to keep in your work tote, place at your work desk and slide into your workout bag.

Find a mini brush that’s like Goldilocks: not too big or too small to hold in your hand and one that can handle more than flyaways. Our brush’s ergonomic shape makes it a pleasure to hold and its bristles make it a pleasure to use.

Our mini brush can also work as a detangling brush–perfect for use during your post-gym session, weekend getaway, carry-on holiday and at home!

The flexible bristles allow this to be also great to use on kids!

And if you’re using it to detangle, always start at the ends and slowly work your way up to the root to avoid damage!

A staple brush for everyone: the boar bristle brush

Need a good brush that can help make hair heathy: look to add a boar bristle brush to your arsenal! Use a boar bristle brush to distribute oils from your scalp to your ends. This will naturally boost shine and create a sleek look.

Boar bristle brushes are at every price and work for every hair type. Look for a shape that will work for your hair.

Do you have thick hair? Try a boar bristle brush with a larger surface area and a mix of nylon bristles. A paddle brush with boar bristles will work for straight hair.

A brush using 100% boar bristles will work for fine hair.

Keep boar bristle brushes in tip-top shape by using it only on dry hair and make sure to clean your brushes regularly–boar bristles or otherwise!

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Today was great and the Lunata was such a great addition to my kit!! It was the perfect size and the zero cord was the best!!

— Clariss Rubenstein, Celebrity Stylist