Monthly hair routines and trims with the groom me hair-cutting kit

You’ve got financial routines, household routines, work routines–why not create a self-care routine?


A great routine will keep you looking great and feeling great–particularly from the waist-up, which is what matters most these days! With so much focus on our faces–masked and unmasked–it’s important to keep your hair looking great. Monthly maintenance can make all the difference! 

Below are a few steps you can do in between your stylist appointments.

Check if you need a top up

Do you do your own colour? Check to see if your hair is a little brassy, needs a few highlights or your roots need a bit of help. Make a date at your salon or make an online order and carve some time on the weekend to do at-home colour. 

With a lot of us now acquainted with at-home upkeep, maintaining your colour should be a breeze!

Scan for split ends

The easiest way to look polished is to nip those frayed ends ASAP. A periodic check for split ends is absolutely worth it–and easy with the groom me hair-cutting kit! If you have damaged hair, fragile hair or frequently heat style hair, it might be worth it to make this a more frequent activity–like bi-weekly or weekly. 

Use the cutting shears with the cutting comb in the kit to quickly dispatch awful ends. Think hair dusting, not a trim. Hair dusting won’t take any length off, but this isn’t something you can do quickly–especially if you have some length. If it’s your first time, go slow and look at a tutorial or two before getting started!

Give yourself a trim

When a dusting is not enough, an inch or two can do some wonders. Take the cutting shears for the first cut across and go in with small cuts vertically to point-cut to soften a blunt cut and create movement. 

Take a pair of thinning shears if you’re feeling bogged down and focus on mid-length. Even if you know what you’re doing, take it slow!

If you’ve got them, don’t forget to trim your bangs!

Treat your hair and scalp

Keep your head in tip-top shape with a little maintenance. Hair masks will help replenish moisture and the occasional scalp scrub will gently slough off dead skin and product buildup.  

Clean your brush and tools

Our brushes can encounter a lot in a month. Dirt, dead skin cells and residue from styling products can make this daily activity a gross one. Take some time to clean your brush by ridding it of any stray strands and cleaning its surface with some soap, water and elbow grease! 

This can help clean your hairbrush–and don’t forget to clean the brush that lives in your bag too!

It’s very easy to keep on top of cleaning our cordless hair straightener and cordless convertible curling iron. The titanium plates and barrel, respectively, can be wiped clean after every use with a damp cloth once the tools are cool. 

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Today was great and the Lunata was such a great addition to my kit!! It was the perfect size and the zero cord was the best!!

— Clariss Rubenstein, Celebrity Stylist