Best Hair Tips And Hair Styles For Moms

As a parent, sometimes it can feel like you don’t have enough time to care for yourself. Especially so if you’re a mom to a newborn or a younger child. For new moms, feeling stylish or pampered doesn’t have to be a fantasy or a spa day that never comes.

With our Belisa cordless hair tools, claim a sliver of time to yourself daily!


Make it easy 

All our Belisa cordless hair tools have buttons to easily adjust the heat temperature for a perfect style and the 1-inch uniform curling barrels make styling waves and curls easy for a variety of hair types and hair lengths.

Make it fast 

Our Belisa cordless hair tools heat up quickly. Within a few minutes, the titanium barrels–or plates for the Belisa Cordless Flat Iron–can be used to style hair quickly. The cordless feature, which holds a maximum charge of 40 minutes, is ample time to style.

Make it long-lasting

Make sure you start with dry, ideally second-day, hair. Create a style that lasts by wrapping smaller sections at a time. The same goes for using a 1-inch barrel to create full curls!


Want those curls to look a little wild and casual? Play around with tension to create the curls and waves you want with the Belisa Cordless Curling Wand. Or use the Belisa Cordless Flat Iron for S-curved waves.

Styling is a breeze with all our cordless tools, but especially so with the Belisa Cordless Flat Iron. The startup time is 1 minute if you want the hair straightener to reach the maximum temperature of 420ºF.


Side-swept styles are great for keeping hair out of reach from curious hands. Save yourself from any hair tugging by gathering loose, curled hair into a side-swept ponytail. Or sweep hair back and secure it with a claw clip.

Up-dos can be stylish and functional by using a decorative hair comb to put hair into an easy French twist.


Childproof your hair care routine with cordless alternatives. They eliminate any inadvertent wire tripping or tugging.

Our Belisa tools are great, no matter what style you’re after. The Belisa Cordless Flat Iron is an especially great option with the locking mechanism.

The Belisa Cordless Curling Iron With Clip and Belisa Cordless Curling Wand are great options for easy curls. The barrels include a silicone cover to protect the barrel when not in use and protect children from tools that are still a little warm.

The cordless function on our Belisa hair tools eliminates trips from wires or accidents with wired appliances being pulled downwards. Place cordless tools on higher shelves as you wait for them to cool to protect others from inadvertent burns.

These tips also work well for moms with kids of all ages and people who aren't parents. If you're on a time crunch, visit our website to learn about our Belisa by Lunata hair tools and how they can help you pull a look together.

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Today was great and the Lunata was such a great addition to my kit!! It was the perfect size and the zero cord was the best!!

— Clariss Rubenstein, Celebrity Stylist