Snap fall selfies and holiday photos

October is way too early to be thinking about the holidays. In a normal year.

But 2020 is no ordinary year. If you’re wondering what to do about holidays–to fly or not to fly–then consider the humble holiday card.


A great photo holiday card is a great way to use your selfies–or an excuse to create some more!

Get your essentials ready

A perfect holiday photo, staged or candid, requires being prepared at all times. If you’re on the go, take your hot tool case with you in your car. A convertible cordless curling wand or cordless flat iron are great options to use to style before a photo. Keep it stashed in your tote for instant touch ups!

If that’s too much work, a mini hairbrush and some give me life dry shampoo might do the trick!


And it wouldn’t be 2020 without the signature non-medical face mask. Try a silk one that is kind to skin and breathable! To keep the photo from looking less chaotic, opt for matching masks. Our signature black is gender neutral and the mask is adjustable at the ear loops!

Snap away

Not a fan of staged portraits? Thankfully, fall is the perfect time to create a selfie you would be proud to mail!

Corn mazes and pumpkin patches are great seasonal–and photogenic–backdrops. If they are too far from home look to your street–or streets in the city–that work for Instagram. A street lined with trees transitioning from green to red and yellow leaves, falling foliage or a quiet park transitioning to winter work well too!

Family portraits with the kids playing with falling leaves is an adorable idea for cards–and a solid choice if it’s hard to get your kids to stay still for a photo!

Whittle your list

Now that you’ve finished your selfies, it’s time to whittle your photos to a chosen few–or chosen one.

Physical cards can be expensive quickly. From printing to mailing, these can add up. Whittle your list to the people you want to send greetings–not the ones you’re obligated to send to. For those friends and family who get the axe, there are many options to avoid causing hurt feelings. A quick call of video chat might be a worthy compromise!

Find your printer

Get a few quotes from local printers. Once you’ve made your selection, check with their specs to make sure your file doesn’t run into delays with printing–or additional costs.

Mail them early

Get them en route by mid-November. If you went with an independent printer, make your orders ASAP!

Missed the deadline?

Compile your mailing list and send them virtually. E-cards will offer a little more flexibility, with some allowing you to add music and links!

There are a few services, including Greenvelope, that allow you to create a holiday card with oomph! Sending cards can still add up, so it’s worth it to whittle down a list even if you’re sending cards virtually.

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Today was great and the Lunata was such a great addition to my kit!! It was the perfect size and the zero cord was the best!!

— Clariss Rubenstein, Celebrity Stylist