4 Things To Stop Doing for Better Hair Days

So many things are in the way of a great hair day: hairstyles that fall flat, frizz, and more. We’ll show you where some of these problems may start and the things you can stop doing for better hair days fast!

Belisa Creaseless Hair Pins


Heat styling is a lot harder without the Belisa Alligator Hair Clips! Use these clips to create sections easily. A set of four can handle even a thick head of hair, since the clips can adjust to clamping onto large sections of thick, coarse hair.

These sections will make hair styling a quicker process. It’s easier to create curls and waves when you’re not struggling with a large area of hair that has yet to be styled!

Our Belisa Creaseless Hair Pins are also a great accessory to set curls while they cool. If you find your curls wilting, using these hair pins with a firm hold hairspray will go a long way to keep your hairstyle intact for hours! Don’t just limit these clips to your hair routine, use them to apply skin care and makeup too!

Belisa Wide Tooth Comb


Detangling isn’t the only time you can use a comb! The Belisa Wide Tooth Comb can live in your shower, hooked onto a shower caddy or shower tap. It can also be used to evenly distribute hair treatments, like leave-in conditioner or a hair mask.

And if you have naturally curly or wavy hair, a comb is less likely to disturb your natural curl pattern and less likely to cause frizz.

Belisa Cordless Flat Iron
(IG@dani_dasilvaa with the Belisa Cordless Flat Iron)


Wireless hair tools perform just as well as their corded versions. Opt for a cordless hair tool when it comes time to replace the hair tools you have!

Our Belisa Cordless Curling Iron With Clip and Belisa Cordless Curling Wand are full-sized hair tools and have a 1-inch titanium barrel.

The 1-inch barrel is a great diameter to create curls and waves that will work for many hair lengths. The titanium barrel, coupled with a maximum temperature of 400ºF, will heat style fine to thick hair. Both tools create evenly heated curls or waves quickly without the need for many passes on sections.

All without a cord–so styling isn’t limited to your home or a nearby outlet! Style anywhere-even from your car!

Belisa By Lunata Collection - Lunata Beauty


Say goodbye to mini-sized, dedicated travel hair tools. Save your money! Our Belisa By Lunata cordless hair tools are dual-voltage and can work anywhere. Pair it with your travel adapter for seamless hair styling.

Our cordless hair tools work just as well abroad as they do at home! On a fully charged battery, our Belisa Cordless Curling Iron With Clip and Belisa Cordless Curling Wand can be used wirelessly for 35 minutes. And both can be used plugged in, if you ever run out of battery!

Wondering which Belisa By Lunata cordless hair tools and styling accessories might help you get better hair days? Visit Lunata Beauty to see which ones will work for you!

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Today was great and the Lunata was such a great addition to my kit!! It was the perfect size and the zero cord was the best!!

— Clariss Rubenstein, Celebrity Stylist