Wearable spring haircut trends to DIY

Want to have a style refresh? Put the credit card away and step away from your closet. We’ve got a few haircuts that can change your look dramatically–and best of all, you can do them yourself!

Our Groom Me Hair-Cutting Kit has everything you need to create a salon-worthy cut at home. All you need is a tutorial, your style inspiration, a bottle of water to spritz hair damp–and maybe a robe, to emulate that salon experience!


The shag might look complicated, but it’s an easy enough style to emulate at home.

Start with freshly washed and dried hair and your Groom Me Hair-Cutting Kit. Use the cutting shears to do all your rough cuts and use the thinning shears to go in for a finishing touch.

Looking for a tutorial? This is a great foundational tutorial on the mechanics of a shag cut and it is a great one to watch before and while you cut!

Use the Belisa Cordless Flat Iron to style your new shag. Use the flat iron to create a curly shag by flat wrapping hair around the tongs. Or style a wavy shag by running sections through, flicking your wrist to create gentle bends in your hair.


Updating your bangs are the easiest way to change your look and can give dramatic results without a lot of effort.

Mist the front section and use a comb to carve a middle part before sectioning off your bangs. Use the Bite Me Alligator Hair Clips, also available in our Groom Me Hair-Cutting Kit, to separate your bangs from adjacent sections. Grab a sharp pair of cutting shears to do your first cut, checking that the cut is straight. Take half of the bangs between your fingers and take it to the opposite side, cutting that section on an angle. Repeat on the other side, checking that both halves are cut at the same length.

Style your new bangs with loose waves made with the Cordless Convertible Curling Iron/Wand for a completely new look!

(Photo by Joshua Oyebanji on Unsplash)


Attempting a pixie is not for the faint of heart. If you have more extensive hairstyling experience or are feeling more adventurous, go for it!

These trending pixies aren’t all that short and intricate, so fear not if you don’t have a hairdressing certificate or the ability to create those short snips at the back of your head.

Before you snip, arm yourself with sharp shears and a good comb. Blunt scissors will ruin any look–especially one as arresting as a pixie. Our Groom Me Hair-Cutting Kit will have everything you need and our Bite Me Alligator Hair Clips can be ordered by the pack if you need more clips to section your hair!

We like these tutorials for not-so-short pixie cuts you can do at home!

Are there any tips that you have to creating a better haircut? Let us know and share them with the community! Tag us in your reels or stories and let us know how you use the Groom Me Hair-Cutting Kit.

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Today was great and the Lunata was such a great addition to my kit!! It was the perfect size and the zero cord was the best!!

— Clariss Rubenstein, Celebrity Stylist