10 Hair Mistakes You Might be Making

At the risk of sounding presumptuous: that hair you’ve been caring for forever? What if we told you we could help your hair look better? 

These are the 10 hair mistakes you might be doing–and their remedies!


1. Not keeping up with your colour.

To get the most of your colour in between your next appointment, invest in some colour care. This is crucial if you’ve gone lighter, such as blonde or red.

Use colour depositing products to refresh your colour. Couple this with protecting your hair against sunlight and heat to keep your colour looking fresh.


2. Not using a clarifying or chelating shampoo.

If your hair routine goes beyond shampoo and conditioner, you might need to use a clarifying shampoo. Use weekly or bi-weekly if you’re piling on the styling products. 

If you live in a place with hard water, you’ll benefit more with a chelating shampoo. The chelating shampoo is a bit stronger than a clarifying shampoo and will remove minerals as well as chlorine, a useful tip for the avid swimmer. 


3. Not conditioning enough. Or at all.

Maybe you don’t need conditioner. But chances are you do. Conditioner won’t make your hair any healthier, but it will smooth it out and give it a sleek and shiny appearance.

If your hair is feeling a tad dry and you’re not using a conditioner, try it and see the difference!


4. Scalp care, don’t care? You should! 

A clogged scalp can give you a host of problems, including hair loss and dandruff. Mild folliculitis can easily be treated with an anti-dandruff shampoo or some tea tree oil. 


5. Your hair wants to be authentic too. 

Are you chronically straightening your curls? Dousing your oily hair with dry shampoo weeks on end? Please stop–or at least take a break. Don’t fight your natural texture.

Embrace what you’re working with and let your hair down! 


6. You’re too uptight!

Too much stress via elastic can hurt your hair. Avoid straining your scalp–and dodge potential hair loss–with a loose up-do or gym bun. Our snagless hair ties are a great alternative to a regular elastic which can kink and pull on hair.


7. You’re being too rough.

We get it. Tangles can be tough, but rough handling is going to be painful in the short- and long-term. Use a gentle brush and comb–and brush up on the right way to detangle.


(Hint: it’s not the way you think).



8. You’re neglecting masking time. 

Summer can put hair through the ringer. Beach days–or your happy-hour-on-the-patio streak–can damage the hardiest of hair. Repair with a mask best suited to your hair type weekly or every other week. For more damaged hair, increase the frequency of your favourite mask. 

DIY masks are great alternatives to store-bought, budget-friendly and good for those who want to target different hair issues.


9. Your hair is confused.

Similar to number 5, you could be using a hair product that might be too much or not enough for your hair.

Be like Goldilocks and get it “just right”. Learn what your hair type is and your hair’s porosity to avoid product buildup and dry hair.


10. You don’t protect your hair!

Sunscreen and chlorine are two things that can hurt hair. Good options are to protect your head with a cap while outdoors or a swim cap in the pool. If neither of those options appeal, you can apply targeted treatments. UV hair protection and chlorine-clarifying products are available–including this IGK hair shield, which can do both!






And a gentle reminder: please use heat protectant spray before you use heat tools, including our wireless touch-up styler!



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