5 ways to unplug this weekend

If you spent most of your time online on calls with friends and family, maybe this weekend is a good time to unplug. Check out our favourite ways to spend time offline!


Tackle the areas that still have holiday decor or that get chaotic throughout the week. Enjoy the calm and order when you’re finished!


(Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels)

Devote some time to a new or old hobby. 

Take a few hours or the weekend to explore your passions–whether that’s crushing a reading goal, tending to plants or completing craft projects.


Learning a language, to cook a handful of recipes, or how to mend clothes can pay great dividends over the year–including saving you some cash!


If you’re still spending a lot of time at home, make going out special with a fun hairstyle!

If you’ve got layers, experiment with the trendy curly shag. Use either the cordless curling wand or cordless curling iron to create tight curls. The 1-inch barrel has an adjustable temperature range of up to 400ºF and can deliver curls without heat damage.

Gently dislodge hair from the wand or iron to avoid disturbing the curl. If you have very straight hair and find your hair can’t seem to hold its shape, add a clip to give your curls a hand. When they’ve cooled, go in with your brush to finish off styling.

Shags are meant to be messy and fun, so don’t worry about ruining your curls. Go in with some hairspray to finish and head outside!


Create a few new go-to outfits and take a selfie and save it on your phone or take a Polaroid and keep it by your closet for foolproof dressing.

Dust off your makeup and experiment with looks. Create makeup charts for reference when you find something you like.  

Our cordless curling wand and cordless curling iron are great to use on their own to create cute looks for school and play and professional looks for work.

But if you find yourself defaulting to one or two styles, take the weekend to perfect new techniques or looks.

Try your hand at one of this year’s hair trends: glamorous 1940s waves!

(Photo by Victor Virgile, retrieved from Elle.com)

Grab a brush, clips and either the cordless curling wand or cordless curling iron to create this retro style.

Take your brush to gently tease and brush the curls after they’ve set. Spray a light hold hairspray before brushing through the curls to loosen the curl. Fasten a hair clip on the waves to help keep their shape. Finish with hairspray.

These big vintage waves look sophisticated with pared down makeup, so let the look speak for itself with one focus point. A dramatic eye or lip look works well, keeping everything else simple.


Which of these activities will you do this weekend? Share your photos–when you finally get online–with us @lunatabeauty using the hashtags #belisabylunata and #lunatabeauty if you’ve nailed a new hairstyle!

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Today was great and the Lunata was such a great addition to my kit!! It was the perfect size and the zero cord was the best!!

— Clariss Rubenstein, Celebrity Stylist