Curl your way to barely there waves

Did you just roll out of bed with only a few minutes to look presentable? Rather than give up and put it in a topknot, upgrade your bed head look with some subtle waves! 

 Hair waves Lunata

Unlike your bed head, it’ll be a look that you could proudly wear out or have people see!

Barely there waves is a versatile look: for those days that you want a little something but not too much and the days where your hair doesn’t want to work with you. 

It’s also a great way to add texture and volume to straight hair and to fake lived-in curly hair.


Adjust your settings

The cordless curling wand can be easily adjusted up to 400ºF, but for barely there waves, there’s no need to crank it to the max!

 Cordless Curling Iron Lunata

Adjust the temperature for your hair’s condition and texture. Shoot for under 300ºF for finer hair, aim for the 300-350ºF for normal hair and 350-400º for thicker hair. Aim for a lower temperature if your hair is chemically treated, damaged or you have any natural curl. 

 And don’t forget the heat protectant spray!


Add some texture

If you want to go for a casual or lived-in style–or just want to amp up that tousled look–add some dry shampoo or texture spray to the roots to encourage some lift. 

Hair Spray Lunata


Leave it loose

The barrel of the Belisa cordless curling wand is a versatile 1"–a good size to create looks from full curls to looser styles. 


Wind sections of hair around the barrel loosely enough that the barrel can comfortably slide down the length of hair to create these barely there waves, rather than hold it steady. 

If the waves came out too done for your liking, use our handy paddle brush to tone down the curl with gentle strokes. Its nylon bristles should keep frizz to a minimum, but wait until hair cools first. Brushing right after you’ve curled hair can cause a lot of frizz!


Keep ends straight

Leave the ends untouched and straight. Not only does it help sell the subtle waves look as natural, but wavy ends can give off a more dishevelled look and make hair look dry. 

Keep ends straight and healthy looking by adding moisture–either a few drops of hair oil or a little cream to your ends when you finish.


Keep flyaways at bay

When the cordless curling wand is off and has slightly cooled down, roll the barrel on the roots to flatten flyaways. Keep them flush to your head with a spritz of hairspray.


Add some style with accessories 

If your head is constantly over a book or poring over documents, pin pesky sections back to keep this look functional. Pin them away from the face with a cute pin or your study sidekick, the classic claw.

This low-maintenance style can deal with some bold looks. Try a strong lip with your Zoom calls, a mask-friendly bold eye for errands and heading outside or some statement jewellery to dress up!

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Today was great and the Lunata was such a great addition to my kit!! It was the perfect size and the zero cord was the best!!

— Clariss Rubenstein, Celebrity Stylist