Buying a new curling iron? Here's what to look for

Like dating profiles, it can be hard to find the perfect curling iron and the many options can be overwhelming.

If you’re buying a curling iron now, we’ve put together a short list of what to look for in a good curling iron. If you’re not, refer to this curling iron buying guide when it comes to replacing your own–and share it with anyone you know who is shopping for one now!


Going cordless is a giant plus when it comes to hair tools. Styling with a corded tool can be difficult. Too long and you’re constantly holding it while you style. Too short and you’re hunched near an outlet like you hunch over your phone.

Save your body and get a cordless curling iron! It’s a great choice whether you’re travelling or just want to travel a few more feet from an outlet. Our curling iron also works while charging–so you can style uninterrupted.

Simply attach the cord and head to an outlet!

Travel friendly

This isn’t high on the priority list right now of what to look for in a curling iron, but the Belisa cordless curling iron is a great travel companion. It’s portable enough to tote in a bag, car or carry-on luggage. And it’s dual-voltage!

Never buy another curling iron again just for travel!

Barrel size

In the search for your perfect curling iron, look at the barrel. It will let you know what kind of curls or waves you should expect to create. Smaller circumference barrels will give tighter curls while bigger barrels will give you bigger, looser curls.

Our cordless curling iron has a 1-inch barrel to give you a solid curl that you can style in multiple ways: everything from 40s barrel curls to loose waves. If you find yourself not gravitating to any specific style, this cordless curling iron is a great choice!


When you buy a curling iron look at the temperature range. Think about your hair type and the condition it’s in. The curling iron should have an easily adjustable wide range of temperature.

Higher temperatures aren’t good for everyone, but they may work for you if you’ve got healthy, straight or thick hair.

For those with finer hair, thin hair or coloured hair, keep the temperature at the lower end to start.


Ceramic, tourmaline and titanium are common materials in a curling iron.

Tourmaline is a great starting point if you have very damaged hair as the material doesn’t retain heat as well as ceramic or titanium. Ceramic is a good choice for those who can’t stand higher temperatures. Titanium is an excellent conductor and retainer of heat and our cordless curling iron is great for all hair types and can curl even stubborn hair types–such as those with curly hair, thicker hair or healthy hair.

What’s the must-have feature you need in a curling iron? Share with us via Instagram or Tiktok. And if you have the cordless curling iron, let us know how you love it!

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Today was great and the Lunata was such a great addition to my kit!! It was the perfect size and the zero cord was the best!!

— Clariss Rubenstein, Celebrity Stylist