Dry shampoo hacks for lazy hair days

Lazy has a bad connotation, but trust us, you’ll want to be lazy when it comes to your hair routine!

Dry shampoo is great for lazy hair days. Even if you already use dry shampoo in the ways we’re outlining below, we’ve got a few tweaks to optimize the way you use it.

Check out a few of our favourite hacks to make the most of your dry shampoo and use it for low-maintenance beauty.

Skip wash day

If you’re already using a dry shampoo in the morning to get a jump on your morning routine–go the extra step and try using it the night before.

Work a few spritzes of our Make Me Last Dry Shampoo into your scalp and roots before bed. By the time you wake up, the dry shampoo will have worked its magic–with white charcoal and rice starch soaking up any excess oil and any odour.

If you find yourself running late in the mornings and your dry shampoo isn’t performing the way you’d like, try this tip!

Save time at the gym

Similar to your mornings, if your dry shampoo isn’t up to snuff post-workout, it’s probably because it hasn’t been given enough time to absorb and do its thing.

Spray some Make Me Last Dry Shampoo into your roots before you make your workout hairstyle. During the workshop the dry shampoo should settle and protect your scalp and roots from getting too greasy.

Let down your hair and massage your roots post workout and get on with your day!

Create texture

Hack your dry shampoo and make it a stand-in texture spray. Our Give Me Life Dry Shampoo is lightweight and a great dry shampoo choice if you want to create texture and volume. Spray it liberally all over the head and tousle hair with your hands, crunching hair to inject some volume into your strands.

Create volume

Have a flat crown? Whether it’s flat roots or you’ve got flat hair allover, our give me life dry shampoo can help boost the volume in your hair. Use it on loose hair to give body to the roots and to hairstyles like ponytails, buns as an alternative to teasing the crown.

Opt for dry shampoo over teasing hair with a brush if you have damaged or dry hair!

Make styling easier

Fresh day hair is hard to style–and the same could be said for straight hair. If you find that you’re struggling to hold curls or waves–it might not be that you’re using the wrong tool or the wrong hairspray.

Texture or second-day hair makes hairstyling easier and last longer. Our Give Me Life Dry Shampoo on the sections you want to style before going in with your Cordless Convertible Curling Iron or Cordless Styler Plus+.

Have you tried any of these dry shampoo hacks? Tag us on your dry shampoo styled selfies (@lunatabeauty) and let us know which dry shampoo is your favourite!

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Today was great and the Lunata was such a great addition to my kit!! It was the perfect size and the zero cord was the best!!

— Clariss Rubenstein, Celebrity Stylist