Curling wand looks to last for days

Stretching the days in between that you style your hair is incredibly appealing–even if you’re not busy. You’ll save some time in the morning from styling and some money on energy bills by laying off daily heat styling.


Read on below to sneak three days’ worth of looks with one morning styling session!


Look for versatility


Our cordless curling wand has a 1” titanium barrel suitable for all hair types, textures and for most hair lengths.


You can style your hair right out of the gate with tight ringlets or loose waves–all playing with where you place the wand, how tightly you wind hair around the barrel and the width of sections that you curl on the wand.


Try the cordless curling wand to stretch your styling sessions. Its titanium barrel, coupled with its maximum 400ºF temperature, can create looks that last at least a few days. You’ll have plenty of time to create a look that lasts with a full charge yielding 40 minutes of use!


Day 1: spiral curls


Start with tangle-free hair by brushing sections with the paddle brush and spray heat protectant before you style.


Wind your hair around the barrel as tightly as you can to create bouncy, full spiral curls. The temperature can be adjusted up to 400ºF, but keep the range between 300-400ºF if you have normal or thick hair.


Keep sections at 1-2” for hair to stay evenly curled. Release curls from the wand gently and finish with hairspray.


To prolong curls, sleep with hair atop your head in a loose bun.


Day 2: beach waves


Shake hair out to assess where to start–and how to style.


If hair needs a little life at the roots, spritz a texture spray or a bit of dry shampoo to add a bit of lift. If some sections are a bit wonky, knock them back into shape by misting them and scrunching a bit or twist your finger around strands to fix them up.


Brush sections with the paddle brush to transition from spiral curls to loose beach waves.


Day 3: refreshed or slightly textured hair


By now your curls are probably lifeless–even with the measures to keep it up. If you don’t mind the natural progression to straighter hair, brush out the waves you have with the paddle brush. Add a few barely there waves by refreshing a few sections with the cordless curling wand.


Or use the texture that you still have to upgrade simple updos. Create contrast with a low or high pony by pulling hair back into a sleek and straight front while leaving the ponytail wavy. Touch up the lower half of your hair with the cordless curling wand before tying it up.


Keep the texture all over with a loose topknot and add a trendy scrunchie for functional decoration. Take out some loose tendrils in front with the texture it has or boost it a bit with some help from the cordless curling wand.

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Today was great and the Lunata was such a great addition to my kit!! It was the perfect size and the zero cord was the best!!

— Clariss Rubenstein, Celebrity Stylist