How to host a Friendsgiving

If you find yourself staying put, rather than en route to visit family, then you aren’t alone. While you can’t be with family, you don’t have to cancel Thanksgiving! Spend it with the people–or person–you’re with.

The best part–these can all be adapted for Zoom for a larger gathering with all your friends!

Dress up

There is a point to dressing up, even if you have nowhere to go and you see your roommates all the time.

With many of us separated from our nearest and dearest, we need to celebrate and give thanks for all the things we still have. You might not be holding the celebration you normally would, but make an effort!

Turn off the TV, create a phone-free space and get ready for connection with the people you live with–even if you don’t have a traditional dinner.

It can be weird to dress up at home, so compromise. Leggings on the bottom, a nice top and a step up from casual look made with our Belisa cordless curling wand. Or a comfy sweater, some nice but relaxed pants and ringlets with the cordless curling iron. Dressing up doesn’t have to take so much time, either. Our titanium hot tools heat up quickly to a maximum temperature of 400ºF and can style hair quickly for a hairstyle with less effort.

Give the gift of space

With most people unable to see their families for Thanksgiving, make sure to give your roommates privacy to speak to their families. Keep things quiet when it’s their turn to chat and give them priority over the bathroom.

The latter is not a problem with the Belisa cordless curling wand or cordless curling iron, which allows you to free up the bathroom for everyone else!

Every person has their own traditions and rituals that they want to uphold–so if someone insists upon watching a football game or create a dish for dinner, let them!

Infuse some cheer into your space

If you can still find them, decorative gourds are great centrepieces for the event or to leave around the home. Creating wreaths and table decorations could be a great bonding activity to do together–or together over Zoom, if you’re participating in a digital Friendsgiving!

Decide who can do what for dinner 

Assign everyone a dish or a duty to carry out for your Friendsgiving. Splitting the work will keep any holiday resentment or fight at bay.

If no one is willing to cook, leave that to the pros. Check your area for a Thanksgiving meal service from one of your favourite restaurants or a restaurant you all want to try. Or flout tradition and buy what you really want to eat instead!

Pool the expenses and splurge on your favourite bottles of wine or board games to enjoy during the holidays.

And, if you’re doing a virtual Friendsgiving, invite your friends to make one dish for themselves and give one dish to someone on the guest list!

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