How to host a new normal (virtual) Thanksgiving

No one expected Thanksgiving to turn out this way, but as 2020 has shown, it’s been a year full of surprises.


Below is your three-step guide to a stress-free Thanksgiving at home 


Plan to meet over video


Start now. Notify extended family that you won’t be visiting this year and schedule Zoom meetings shortly before or after dinner for drinks and to catch up. Coordinate with your immediate family on how many people you’ll contact on Thanksgiving or over the holiday period, so you don’t overlap or overbook conversations.


Make sure that everything you need is at your fingertips–and charged. Plan for inevitable tech disasters and hiccups on either end of the call. Beyond padding extra time between calls, have some give me life dry shampoo or our make me last dry shampoo close at hand to step in and refresh your hair if the stress starts to get to you. And it doesn’t hurt to also keep a handy hairbrush on hand near your computer or tablet!


Zoom–and other video conferencing apps–seem to be the only way to see extended family for this and other upcoming holidays, so make an effort to get dressed up. Our cordless flat iron or cordless curling wand are both great options for styling that won’t take too much time and that can last multiple video chats–and any possible chaos that ensues because of it. Pair your style with hairspray to ensure things stay put!


While it matters less what you wear with family compared to colleagues, it doesn’t hurt to pair your hair with a nice top or necklace. Keep the sweatpants or comfy leggings for the rest of the day to stay comfortable through your post-dinner food coma.


Prepare at home accordingly


If you usually don’t make Thanksgiving dinner, you can learn or choose to order in. Check with your local restaurants now about pre-ordering holiday meals or downsize your main course or menu if you’re attempting to cook it at home. 


If you often find yourself doing the bulk of the cooking–or cleaning up–feel free to not make the dishes you’re not completely in love with. Your Aunt Sally who insists on cranberry sauce will likely not be visiting you this year, so there’s no need to make cranberries at home in her honour.


With the reclaimed time and saved stress from cutting down your cooking time, there’s enough time to take a breath and enjoy the holiday and your company.




Sometimes family gatherings can be stressful. We can sometimes forget that after catching up and having dinner together, conversations and interactions can take a tense turn. With a Thanksgiving holiday at home, you can do what you want!


Even if it means relaxing with a TV marathon on the couch or walking off dinner with a walk around the neighbourhood. Safely, of course!


And feel free to get that generous helping of pumpkin pie without the guilt or extra comments!



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Today was great and the Lunata was such a great addition to my kit!! It was the perfect size and the zero cord was the best!!

— Clariss Rubenstein, Celebrity Stylist