Holiday gifting etiquette for online shopping

What did the holidays last year look like for you? Did the wonderful time with friends and family precede weeks of nail biting, fighting busy crowds in stores and obsessively checking your shipping notifications?

Leave those memories where they belong–in the past.

With indoor shopping facing restrictions, shopping at the mall may be as appealing to you as getting a root canal.

Be a great gift giver with a few of our virtual gift giving tips.

Don’t forget the holiday card!

Keep the personal part of the holidays intact with a holiday card. Maybe you won’t be able to chat or video conference with everyone you know right now, but you can mail or email them a card!

It’s a nice way to make sure you let people know you’re thinking of them–provided you get it to them on time. If you’re mailing them, mail them now! If you’re emailing them, send them soon! Within the next ten days is a good goal to shoot for.

Be discreet

Holiday gift giving this year is easier to navigate if you’re not giving everyone a gift.

With limited in-person gift giving, no one will know!

Feel free to splurge on a few people or give a little gift to more people on your list. If you’re on a budget, we have great gifts for your colleagues to keep them Zoom ready into next year. The give me life dry shampoo, make me last dry shampoo and hold me down hairspray are great options to gift to your work clique!

Give good gifts–direct from the seller

With many of us spending time away from friends and family, save yourself the trip to the post office–and the rolls of gift wrap you would have bought.

Have your gifts shipped directly to the recipient from the source. Check them off your list entirely and put the stress of delivery into someone else’s hands!

Buy a set

curls for days holiday bundle

A set is a great gift option that doesn’t have to run your budget into the red. Our holiday bundles are heavily discounted and include more than just our signature cordless curling iron or cordless hair straightener.

These holiday bundles are thoughtful and effortless looks in a box–perfect for the busy woman you know. (Basically, every woman you know).

Embrace the gift card

Last-minute stragglers, this option is for you! It’s impersonal, so save this for people you don’t know well. Gift cards to major retailers and streaming services are a safe bet this year!

Shop early


With so many of us shopping en masse online, get all your holiday shopping done in one mad stretch. Grab yourself a cup of tea this weekend to shop in comfort–rather than shiver in a long socially-distant line.

Early shopping has its benefits–beyond your pick of prime gifts, save on shipping!

Shop early on the deals directly on Lunata and get your gifts before the holidays. Order by December 11 to guarantee Holiday delivery.

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