Dry Shampoo Masterclass

Sometimes dry shampoo gets a bad rap–white flaky residue, spotty de-greasing and terrible application methods might be some of the reasons why people stay away.

If you’ve been disappointed with your dry shampoo experiences, you’ll be happy to know that they can be corrected with these tips and a few good alternatives!


Spray dry shampoo a good distance away from your head. We recommend spraying our Give Me Life Volumizing Dry Shampoo and Make Me Last Dry Shampoo four inches away from your roots.

Too close and you’ll get that uneven application and residue. Spraying four to six inches away from your roots will disperse the dry shampoo evenly; any farther than that, the dry shampoo might get caught in the air–not your hair!


If your dry shampoo is missing the mark, it could be because it is. Aim the dry shampoo towards your roots and scalp for the best results.

Rather than lift your hair to get to the root, it’s easier to apply dry shampoo to this area by flipping hair upside down. It’s also a major time saver and aids in volumizing!

Any excess dry shampoo can be distributed down to the ends.


Think of dry shampoo like sunscreen: after you apply, give it a few minutes to work its magic before you go in and brush.

Time constraints might be the biggest hindrance to getting dry shampoo to work for you. If that’s the case, make it a point to do your hair routine earlier in your morning routine or first thing you do when you go in to style your hair.

This can also add volume to your hair. Use this method and Give Me Life Volumizing Dry Shampoo to give limp hair a leg up. Opt for our Make Me Last Dry Shampoo to cut heavy-duty oil in its tracks.


Work the spray with the pads of your fingers and brush the dry shampoo with our Detangle Me Wet/Dry Brush. The bristles will help distribute the dry shampoo evenly down your hair and won’t snag strands in the process.


Timing is everything with dry shampoo. Do the extra step of applying some before you turn in or exercise to save time on the other end. If the morning rush is unrelenting in your household, a few sprays of Give Me Life Volumizing Dry Shampoo might be worthy of a step in your evening routine.

If you can’t make a midday shower after a workout work, spraying Make Me Last Dry Shampoo before you work out in an exercise-friendly hairstyle will help you get on with the rest of the day and bide some time before your evening shower.


Tempted to add dry shampoo back into your routine? Check out our dry shampoos and full repertoire of styling accessories!

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Today was great and the Lunata was such a great addition to my kit!! It was the perfect size and the zero cord was the best!!

— Clariss Rubenstein, Celebrity Stylist