Post-Workout Hair Revival Tips


We’ve all been there before: you finish a killer workout only to immediately ask yourself, “What should I do with my hair?” Post-workout hair doesn’t look very chic on anyone, especially if you didn’t have time to wash your hair and you have to head directly to work or you have plans right after you workout. But, if you plan and prep your hair accordingly you can still work up a serious sweat, without having to worry about sweaty post-gym hair. 

  1. Prep Your Hair Before

While your instincts might tell you to apply dry shampoo to your hair immediately following your workout, the truth is, when you apply dry shampoo to damp or wet hair it will leave behind an unflattering cakey residue from the powder and water mixing together. Dry shampoo was designed to work on dry hair, which is why you should apply your favourite dry shampoo to your hair before your workout, as it will help prep your hair and absorb sweat while you exercise. 

  1. Style Accordingly

Whether you’re heading straight to the office, meeting your girlfriends for brunch or you’re planning on running errands, if you take a few moments to style your hair before your workout, your hair will easily transition into a flawless post-workout style. 

If you have straight hair, you can either style your hair into a classic french braid or in two french braids. While ponytails might seem like the go-to workout hairstyle, a braid is the best option for exercising, as it will stay in place no matter how intense your workout is and has the added bonus of leaving you with S-bend waves when you take your braids out. 

The same applies If you have textured or curly hair. You can style your hair in braids, or you you can style your hair in a bun or two buns depending on how thick your hair is. Then, when you shake out your hair after your workout, you’ll be left with naturally loose curls or waves. 

  1. The Finishing Touch

To finish your post-workout look, we recommend using your Lunata Hair wireless styler to touch up your locks. Whether you own the touch-up iron/styler or the cordless curling iron, you can quickly and effortlessly add some loose or structured waves for the ultimate post-gym hairstyle. Finally, mist hairspray onto a brush before running it through your hair to help smooth away flyaways and any unwanted gym-induced frizz.

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Today was great and the Lunata was such a great addition to my kit!! It was the perfect size and the zero cord was the best!!

— Clariss Rubenstein, Celebrity Stylist