Put your best looks forward: how to have great hair this year

Hopefully, with 2020 just getting underway, your New Year's Resolutions haven't yet wavered! If they have, here are a few easy ways to make some headway on your resolutions–and do so with great hair moving forward.


book all your appointments on time

Stay organized: book all your beauty appointments in advance

Or, at the very least, the next one. Doing this will keep you on budget and give you some space in your schedule. Having even your next appointment booked now means you can guarantee you'll get your favourite stylist, brow person or colourist! You can also make sure any appointments don't conflict with work deadlines, major holidays and trips or other personal obligations.

For routine jobs that you won't deviate from, like trims and colour, book appointments as far out as you can. You can also just book an appointment before you leave your next salon visit.

A fringe benefit to having the next appointment already in your calendar means you have ample time to figure out what exactly you want your next cut to look like.

Keep track of all the appointments you make this year in your favourite app or planner. Evaluate at the end of the year, if all these appointments were needed or if you can dial the frequency up or down. Not only will you be able to better book your appointments for 2021, but you'll be able to set up a beauty budget and know exactly how much you're spending on looking good!

learn hoe to use your hair tools the right Save money. Learn how to use your tools 

Learning how to use your beauty tools to the fullest will help you save money and look better. This might take some trial and error so take the time to experiment with all its features!

Not sure if your heat tool is up to the task? Read on below!


invest in high quality hair toolsSave money: invest in your tools 

If you're in the market for a new beauty tool, make a checklist to refer to before you buy. Figure out what you need and what you often use to get the most bang out of your buck!

If portability is a must, go for something that's dual-voltage and wireless. If you're short on time, try looking at the materials your tools are made of. Titanium, the material in our Lunata cordless straightener and cordless curling wand, heats up quickly and is suited for most hair types, and works especially well on thick hair.

learn how to create easy hairstyles at home Learn a skill: master techniques and perfect a few hairstyles.

Want to learn something new in 2020? Check it off your list by learning a few techniques or hairstyles that best suit you. Not sure where to start? Take a close look at what your hairstylist does with your hair and take note. Ask them questions at every step!

Pinterest, Instagram, and your favourite celebrity or influencer are other great sources of inspiration for hairstyles and techniques. Take some time to practice the techniques so that you'll be able to whip up polished looks in no time for the year ahead!

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Today was great and the Lunata was such a great addition to my kit!! It was the perfect size and the zero cord was the best!!

— Clariss Rubenstein, Celebrity Stylist