Trending in 2020: The trends you need to know

The only way to keep up with fashion week is if we all had unlimited budgets and closet space.

But the easiest and most inexpensive way to keep up with trends is with hair! We've rounded up a few of our favourite hair trends we're bound to see this spring and summer.


pearl hair accessories 2020 trend


From the dainty to the giant and gaudy, pearls made waves with Andrew Gn and Khaite. Elaborate and totally aesthetic looks such as these can be hard to emulate in real life but working this trend into your life is easy!

Pair pearls with last year's hair trend, the barrette and hair comb, or with bigger, statement pieces. Keep hair simple and let your accessories do the talking. with the help of your Lunata curling wand or cordless flat iron. Some simple waves or a sleek and straight look will tie your look together.


finger wave trend 2020


Modernize this signature retro look with some streamlined pieces with clean tailoring or dress it way down with a jeans and t-shirt. Finger waves are a look on their own, so it's best to keep makeup clean and accessories near the face minimal.

To recreate finger curls at home, use our cordless flat iron. This tutorial shows you all you need is your straightener, a comb and some patience!


slicked-back haristyle trend 2020


Pair this trend with finger curls and you can jazz up any look–even in your favourite jeans and t-shirt. Cividini, Moschino and Eckhaus Latta had models walk through with sleek, slicked-back hair–a chic version of that time you put gel on your entire head back when you were a kid! (Or was this just us? Hands up, if you remember that ugly time in your childhood!)

If this looks familiar, slicked-back hair was a trend with celebrities back in 2015. Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and Beyoncé were rocking a more relaxed version of the style. This year, it's drama pushed to 100!

It's best to test drive this style on the weekends. Try it on vacation with minimal makeup or during a night out with girlfriends coupled with your fiercest eye looks.


sleek ponytail hairstyle 2020 trend


This office-appropriate look was seen on Andrew Gn and Christopher Kane, among others.

Style it with your power suit at the office or your super casual weekend uniform during your weekly grocery run. Keep things sleek with hair serum and your Lunata cordless straightener before you pull your hair into a pony.  Wrap a piece of hair around your elastic to keep things polished or a fun scrunchie if you want to be more relaxed. Set with hairspray if you need to!


braid trend 2020


Create visual interest by weaving coloured extensions, narrow-width scarves or decorative ribbon to add some fun and pop of colour to a look.

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