With the New Year coming up, you're probably seeing someone for something. A blowout for a party or a chic cut you can style effortlessly through the new year.

Want to say thanks, but not quite sure how? We've got you!


tipping your hairstylist


A standard practice for holiday tipping really depends on where you are and what's involved.

However, there are two steadfast rules to abide by: never tip lower than 10% of your bill and tip with a genuine smile and a thanks!

If multiple people are tending to your hair, tip everyone personally!

The exception: short-haired girls can tip at the lower end since they come in so frequently and typically spend–and tip–more over the year.




tipping your hairstylist 

Your shampoo person: a few dollars

The person washing your hair is often overlooked when it comes to tipping. Even if you didn't enjoy the scalp massage, tip your person!


tipping your hairstylist

Your stylist: 10-20% of the total

Your stylist is probably going to be doing the bulk of the work on your hair: cutting, styling and dying. Give your stylist an appropriate percentage of your total bill, based on how much they did at your appointment.


tipping your hairstylist

Your blowout person:  It depends.

If you're going to a blowout bar, like Drybar, tip a percentage of your total. A few dollars ($8-15) should go to the person who helped you with your blowout at the salon.



These things go year-round, not just for the holidays!


make appointment in advance 

Make an appointment in advance

Do not be that person who calls a day or two days before to ask if you can be squeezed into an appointment. You probably won’t get it!


no pets 

Don’t bring your pet or kids

Kids or pets, shouldn't come with you, no matter how well-behaved or how short the appointment.


gym session 

Don’t arrive to your appointment from a gym session

Wherever you're coming from, make sure you come to your appointment relatively fresh. Even if you know you're going to get a wash, your stylist is likely still going to have to touch your hair. Make sure it's not soaked with sweat with some dry shampoo!


always be on time 

Show up on time

Even when you're on time, you need some time to get settled. Shucking off your coat, getting in the chair and checking in with your stylist on what you'd like to do doesn't just eat into more time from your appointment.  They eat up the time from the next person, too. 


 hair salon

Practice your posture

It can get tiring being at the salon, especially if you're usually there for hours on end. Even so, don't slouch. If you're getting a cut, there's nothing more annoying for your stylist than to keep telling you to sit up! It prolongs your appointment and gives you back pain. Avoid the tech neck related wrinkles and inevitable wonky cut by holding your head high!

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