Salon or at home: When to DIY or see an expert

Semi-permanent processes at the salon use chemical processes stronger than you could emulate at home.


Some things that should be handled by a pro. And some things you can do at home to save time, money and hair damage. Below are a few common salon processes that you can choose to DIY!




Perms use chemicals to break down hair bonds and allow the hair shaft to form curls and waves. The chemicals used vary depending on the type of perm–from traditional, digital, Jheri Curl and more.


Verdict: DIY


The styler+ creates curly or wavy styles that last for days while minimizing damage. Our new cordless curling iron/wand is a great complement to create more looks. The barrel and detachable clip attachment can create bouncy and voluminous polished waves and barely there looks.


Bonus: if you’re fickle, tools are your friend! Create styles to fit your mood and your day!




The equivalent of a straight perm, this chemical process relaxes hair and keeps it straight and glossy for several months.


Verdict: DIY


Straightening with a tool doesn’t take much effort–even with long hair. Our styler+ has titanium plates which heat up quickly and styles hair in less than 30 minutes!




Verdict: Go to a pro.


The chemicals to relax hair vary and a hair professional who’s familiar with your hair type and the chemicals is the smart way to go. The process can be gruelling on your hair and scalp, so take a break!


A great alternative to relaxing is our styler+. The titanium plates are going to be able to style hair–especially coarse or thick hair–quickly and without much damage. But as always with a hair tool, it’s important to take a break and let your hair recover.




This broad category covers highlights, single-process colour and bleaching.


Verdict: Depends.


Depending on your skill level and your process, it can be a toss up. If you’re doing subtle highlights or a single-process colour where you’re going darker, not lighter, box dye at home might be your choice. It’s easy enough to do, won’t take much time, will require little trial and error and is easy enough to maintain.


There’s no need to spend at the salon for those sessions unless you really want to!


For more complex colour, such as a multi-process colour or bleach, head to the salon.




Changing your hair products are a must for chemically treated hair, especially if it’s been coloured. Switch to moisturizing products and add a hair mask or hair oil into your weekly routine. Keep the water lukewarm or cool and don’t forget to run a brush that can tackle tangles through your hair before and after you shower!


Be gentle with your hair. Keep it tangle free and out of your face with scrunchies or snag free elastics. 


On a holistic level, eating a nutritious diet will also help strengthen and repair hair.



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Today was great and the Lunata was such a great addition to my kit!! It was the perfect size and the zero cord was the best!!

— Clariss Rubenstein, Celebrity Stylist