Have style, will travel: a mobile vanity kit for busy people

Laptop? Check!

Important files? Check!

Your vanity in miniature? Check that off too!

If hand cream and lip balm are already attached to your hip, you already know how much it pays to keep those close! Even if you're not a makeup artist, having a mini vanity kit is worth it and can save you money!




travel bag essentials 

You travel all the time

Frequent fliers aside, if you're a salesperson filling a quota, you're going to need to touch-up your look while on the go. Are you part of a startup looking for angel investors or that much needed VC money? Those pitches need your ultimate focus, and you can't afford to worry about whether or not you look professional!


 work essentials

Work emergencies or touch-ups

Sometimes a surprise meeting or presentation is part of the job. If you're working overtime or long hours, touch-ups throughout the day are necessary–especially if you have post-work plans!


 gym bag essentials

You live at the gym

If you're en route to work via your gym, you likely have a kit that's working for you. If you want to employ a lunchtime workout, have a kit at the ready.




 what essentials to carry in your everyday bag

What to carry in your bag

Carry the true essentials in your bag. This really depends on you, your lifestyle and your bag’s size. If you're a minimalist or don't have a ton of room, try hand cream, mascara and lip balm.

If you have a standard-sized tote or larger, add elements to your routine. A cordless hair straightener can fit into a medium-sized bag or backpack and is worth its weight in versatility. Bring it with you during long days at school and work. It can transform your hair from blah to polished, curly to straight and vice versa!


office essentials 

What to stash at the office

If you're lucky enough to have a locker or you have space in your cubicle, stash the lot there or just the things you need occasionally. Have an office? Go all out with your routine and keep it with you!




dry shampoo will safe your hair 


Styling your hair or touching it up? Use mini hairspray and dry shampoo! Bonus: both the hairspray and dry shampoo are TSA-approved. These are a great complement to the cordless hair straightener or the cordless curling wand!


 wear sunscreen in winter


A full skincare and makeup regimen are probably not possible to carry around. Stacked jars of cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen take barely any room! If possible, keep makeup that is in stick form, like foundation or lipstick. These are often slimmer and lighter.


 perfume layering

Scent & Body

A rollerball or mini atomizer of your signature perfume is a great contender for your mini makeup kit. If you want to go really tiny, nab a sample of your favorite perfume at the department store! If that's not your thing, try a scented hand or body lotion.

For sensitive noses, consider unscented versions of all your essential products!

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Today was great and the Lunata was such a great addition to my kit!! It was the perfect size and the zero cord was the best!!

— Clariss Rubenstein, Celebrity Stylist