Stop the shock!: Cures for winter hair static

Winter static is unavoidable and indiscriminate in its destruction. It affects more than just hairstyles; it affects outfits and can drag on your confidence. After all, who feels confident pulling their skirt away from their tights while blowing flyaways out of their face?

We might not be able to stop this from happening, but we do have solutions!

Sleek hair, here we come!



Some of our posts have touched on winter hair and winter static can be caused by a myriad of reasons. The abridged, scientific reason is that when two objects collide, they swap electrons. One object loses electrons and becomes positively charged; the other object receives electrons and becomes negatively charged. The environment is charged with static electricity.

During winter, everything from what we wear to where we go can be a factor. Your clothes can cause flyaways or give you a shock with static electricity. Ducking into heated environments from the dry cold can also cause static electricity.


cotton fabric helps with winter static hair

Choose your fabric

If you're living in wool sweaters or scarves, you've probably noticed your hair sticking up at least a few times. Wool is a textile that's prone to causing static electricity, so consider wearing other materials such as cotton or leather near your hair to diminish your chances of winter static hair.

You shouldn't sacrifice warmth for style, so read our tips below if you're in a very serious relationship with your beanie.


lip balm helps reduce static hair

Household solutions

You might have heard about dryer sheets helping with static in your hair. In a pinch, some lip balm or hand cream will help tame static and flyaways. Because these methods may cause hair–especially thin hair–to look greasy, less is more.

Chances are some of these options live in your handbag full-time, so file this info for reference!


humidifier helps reduce static hair 

Bring a humidifier into the home (or cubicle)

If this isn't already in your space, introduce some moisture into your environment care of a humidifier. The added moisture in the air will help dispel the static electricity. A USB-powered humidifier in your cubicle will also help alleviate dry winter skin and that dry cough you've been trying to kick to the curb!


hair masks helps moisturize and reduce static hair


Amp up your hair care with moisturizing products. If you've already switched up your products for the season, try alternating shampooing with co-washing or increase your frequency of hair masks. Alternatively, try putting a hair oil or use a hair oil!


hair serum helps reduce static hair

Use a hair serum

A hair serum before you heat style is, like the step above, insurance against dry hair. Apply it before heat protector and use your favorite heat tool


hairspray helps reduce static hair

Try hairspray

Hairspray can tame flyaways and static. Just spritz it on trouble areas and flatten down with your palm. Spritz it anywhere you might encounter static, like between your tights and dress. It works for that too! Our hairsprays come in travel-sized cans, convenient for those on-the-go emergencies!

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