Winter hair tips for surviving the season

Ready for winter? Neither are we! But that's not stopping Old Man Winter from charging right at us! With him, the season brings its own set of hair complications. But we've got you! Check below for our winter hair tips to combat some common seasonal issues.

Forewarned is forearmed!



Fireplaces and central heating

It can be so easy to set up camp near a source of warmth and never want to leave–brittle hair and chapped skin be damned! But too much or too intense of a heat source can be just as bad as frigid cold and wind!

Ways to fix it: Amp up the moisture. If you use a hair mask, consider increasing the frequency. If you do it once a week, try twice a week. If that's too heavy, use more moisturizing shampoos and conditioners. Moisture is so important, especially if you’re using your favorite hair straightener to style regularly.

If you don't have one already, use a humidifier to combat the dryness in the air. Keep your distance from fireplaces. Lower the thermostat when you're at home. Are you using a space heater at work or home? Make sure it's not too close to you and that the heat setting isn't so intense.

Take the Goldilocks approach of "just right" with temperature–she was onto something! If you're still cold, wear more layers. Your skin, wallet, and hair will thank you!


hot shower

Hot showers

Too hot showers might feel great while they're happening, but they're not great for skin or hair. Uncomfortably warm showers can harm roots and your scalp, which might impact hair growth.

Ways to fix it: Dial down the temperature when you take a shower. Scalding should not be your preference. If it is, try making yourself more at home with temperatures closer to lukewarm.


 temperature change

Dramatic temperature changes

Bitterly dry cold can quickly give way to a welcome blast of warm air when you head indoors. This abrupt change can cause your hair to freak out.

Way to fix it: If your hair is feeling brittle and prone to breakage due to the fickle weather, build its resilience back. Moisturize like crazy using any of the above techniques!


static hair

Frizz and static

Winter frizz and static can happen to the best of us! Wearing toques, earmuffs, or scarves make frizz and static a frequent companion. We don't advocate abandoning your accessories for better hair days–there are quick fixes for that!

Ways to fix it: Not to harp on this point, but this is a problem that can be solved by–you guessed it–adding much-needed moisture back into the hair!

Hair oils or a hair serum in your routine can provide additional moisture.

If static happens on the go, tuck a few dryer sheets in your purse or at your desk. Yes, dryer sheets! Don't use dryer sheets at home? In a pinch, hand cream works too! Just use a teensy bit on errant strands and static begone!

Try a silk scarf or silk-lined hat to keep static at bay. Use the silk scarf on its own or use it as a protective layer between your hat and scarf.

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