Real life dates in a pandemic world

In our post-lockdown times, real life dates are basically the pandemic equivalent of being exclusive.


Despite areas opening up from various levels of lockdown, standby date options like concerts, museum dates and dinner dates are not safe right now. Take advantage of outdoor date options like beach dates, picnics and al fresco dining and take advantage of the warm weather!


A date at the drive-in


Drive-ins are intimate and fun. A solid choice for first dates when you’ve already gotten a sense of the person via calls and video dates, but not so great for a cold first date.


Not really into movies? Check for drive-in dates in your area for concerts, theatre performances and festivals.


For a throwback date, take a cue from the 50s and 60s with an homage to big, beautiful curls à la Marilyn Monroe: pin curls.


Spray a bit of heat protectant before you start and smooth and separate your hair using the paddle brush. Take 1” sections and curl with the cordless curling wand. It’s 1” titanium barrel will give you this look with zero effort. Hold for a few sections and pin up close to your root with some alligator clips while it cools.


If the pin curls are too retro for you, bring the look into 2020 with a few swipes of the paddle brush. Set with hairspray to finish your look!


Accessorize with a neckerchief or halter top and skirt or halter dress.


Walks in the park


Take your coffee to go and take a scenic walk in a park or along a boardwalk or beach. Keep hair away from your face during a breezy walk or an impromptu picnic.


For this type of date, a braid variation might work for you. Create waves and curls with the cordless curling wand to start and leave it to cool. Braid hair until the nape of your neck and fasten with an elastic leaving the ends loose and wavy.


Alternatively, section hair into two creating two braids. Fasten as above with elastics once you hit the nape of your neck and leave the remaining hair loose and curly.


Active dates


Explore your area while getting a workout. Bike dates and hiking dates require a hairstyle that is no fuss, cute but also out of the way and keep you cool.


For long hair, braids are a great go-to look! They’re great for keeping hair out of the face and look great, even if you’re a sweaty heap. If you’re biking, check that they don’t interfere with a helmet!


Wear your hair with loose curls or waves made by our cordless curling wand to fit under helmets. They can easily be styled when you’re finished your ride to mask helmet hair.


For other activities, a ponytail or top knot that doesn’t budge are good options. Curl your hair beforehand with the cordless curling wand for visual interest and add a headband to clip back errant strays. Or swap the band for a bandana to mask a sweaty hairline!


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